the Chasing light course

master natural light and create flawless images straight out of your camera

the Chasing light course

learn to master natural light in your sleep

  • You edit until your eyes burn but still can't get your images to look how you want
  • You've spent a ridiculous amount of money on preset that "don't work" on your images
  • Your work is inconsistent or all over the place

sound familiar? 

i get it, i've been there.

But everything changed when I realized it wasn't my editing, it was my lighting. I became obsessed with light and learning how to use it correctly and then artistically. As a result, my work changed quickly and dramatically. I was finally able to achieve the edits I was aiming for because I had created the perfect foundation.

You can't create a beautiful piece of art on a broken canvas and that's exactly what I had been trying to do. Now I'm here to teach you everything you need to know to master natural light, and get flawless images straight out of camera, so that you can achieve that oh-so-desired result you've been dreaming of too!

In Chasing Light, I unravel the secrets of capturing jaw-dropping images using nothing but natural light. Get ready for cohesive edits, newfound confidence, and the ability to create mind-blowing shots that'll make your clients say, "Oh my gahhhh! When can I book my next session!?"

No more endless hours spent editing. Once you understand light, you'll be able to nail those perfect shots from the get-go. Imagine having more time to spend with your family or doing things you're passionate about because you won't be stuck behind the computer trying to recover a blown out highlight or correct someone's skin tone (both issues that result from poor light)!

And let's not forget about the NUMBER ONR PERK of mastering natural light. When you have a cohesive portfolio of impressive images that shine brighter than the sun itself, you can raise your prices and attract clients who are willing to pay top dollar for your work. 

change your light, change your life

A comprehensive, 20-episode online course teaching how to use light to create breathtaking raw images, that are primed for any preset or editing style.

meet the gamechanger


  • Lesson 1 – The Importance of Light
  • Lesson 2 – Types of light
  • Lesson 3 – Introduction to Metering
  • Lesson 4 – Matrix/Evaluative Metering
  • Lesson 5 – Spot Metering
  • Lesson 6 – Center Weighted Metering
  • Lesson 7 – Histograms
  • Lesson 8 – Before and After Examples
  • Lesson 9 – Full Gallery Review
  • Lesson 10 – Location Scouting

  • Lesson 11 – Behind the Scenes Location Scouting
  • Lesson 12 – Posing/Positioning for Light
  • Lesson 13 – Behind the Scenes (non-beach location)
  • Lesson 14 – Behind the Scenes (beach)
  • Lesson 15 – Haze and Lens Flares
  • Lesson 16 – Water and Light
  • Lesson 17 – Combating Difficult Light
  • Lesson 18 – Indoor Natural Light
  • Lesson 19 – Editing Backlit Images
  • Lesson 20 – Mindset Shifts for Success


Sarah’s Chasing Light course has leveled up my business over night. I went from feeling like I was battling the sun and limited to just golden hour to being able to use any lighting scenario to my advantage. This course has been the best investment I’ve made in my business. 


why i created this course

I get asked constantly when I'm going to release presets or courses on editing but I knew that doing so without teaching these foundational principals would be a disservice to the community.

When I first started my business, I didn't understand how important it was to learn and understand light. There were almost no courses or videos teaching these foundational truths. All I could find was presets, posing and editing courses.

It took me a long time and a lot of trial and error to finally master light, which then allowed me to nail my signature editing style and grow my business. I knew others needed this valuable information. 

The Chasing Light Course was an absolute game changer for me and my understanding on how to utilize natural light during my sessions. Sarah does an amazing job breaking down all the different types of lighting scenarios and how to best capture your clients in the most flattering way. The course was so easy for me to follow and Sarah did a phenomenal job at creating something for photographers at every skill level, beginner, or pro... this course will leave you with the confidence to tackle any challenging lighting conditions that come your way. Taking this course really helped me to understand why I wasn’t getting the most out of my outdoor photography sessions and after utilizing all of her tips from this course I can say it was well worth the investment and I can’t wait to see what she creates next for her students!

frequently asked questions

What if I don't shoot on the beach?

Not a problem! The goal of this course is to teach you how to shoot in ANY natural light scenario. I realize that not everyone lives near the beach so I've included beach and non-beach locations in all behind the scenes videos.

Does this course teach me how to edit like you?

While there is a lesson on editing, overall, this is not an editing course but a prerequisite. You will never be able to edit like me, or master photography or editing until you understand light. You need to have the perfect canvas, primed for your editing style, to bring into Lightroom or Photoshop and this course teaches how to do that.

Will this course teach me about studio light?

While there is one video teaching how to use natural light, indoors, this course is mostly for those who shoot outdoors. 

Do I need to have the same camera as you?

Nope! The techniques taught in this course work for any photographer shooting with any DSLR or mirrorless camera. In course sections where specific settings are discussed, Nikon, Cannon and Sony are all represented. 

is this course self-paced?

Yes, you can complete this course in one day or one month. I do encourage you to take your time so that you are able to practice and master the techniques you learn.

How long will I have access?

I have no plans to expire this course, but you will be notified in advance if I plan to expire it. One year (at the very least) is promised.

How do I access the course

Once purchased, this course will be accessible to you online from your web browser/computer or even smartphone via 

Do you offer refunds?

Because this is a digital product, no refunds are offered for this course. Once access is granted, product is considered to be fully consumed. 

ready for change?

ready for change?