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2024 workshops

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Are you stuck? Do you feel like your business and social channels aren't growing? Do you look at other photographers' work and wonder, "how on earth are they achieving that look?" Do you wish you just had someone to call up when you have a question about something or need advice? You are not alone. I found myself in each of these places when I first started in this industry. 
I just wanted someone to show me the way.

This helped me realize there is a huge need for more affordable education and mentorship in this industry. I have always loved teaching and helping others grow and want YOU to experience the same joy and freedom I have found in running a successful photography business. 

Coaching and Courses

Online courses, mentorships, workshops, and more to help you level-up your skills and grow your business.

Chasing light

An online course teaching how to master natural light.

coming soon!

coming soon!

 Chasing light

online mentorships

Mentorships are more than a short video chat with a stranger. I want to get to know you, learn your fears, your struggles, and your pain points. I want to do more than tell you how to do something, I want to show you.

  • You know how to shoot in manual mode, but you're not a pro just yet.
  • You think you know what you want your pictures to look like, but you are missing the mark. You're struggling with consistency and shooting in different lighting scenarios.
  • You're a little lost on the business side, need help setting up workflows, and knowing what platforms to invest in (Honeybook, Shootproof, Session, Squarespace, etc.)
  • You're more confident than you were at one point, but you still get a knot in your stomach before a session as you think to yourself, "I hope I don't mess this up!"
  • You want or need to know all the juice on how to book more sessions so this passion of yours can also support you and your family.

This might be for you if...


Non-refundable $250 retainer due to book, then $400 due prior to your first session

start learning

  • One, in-depth questionnaire to be completed by you so I can come to your video session prepared with examples and guidance
  • 2 Video Calls (one 90-minute call and one 60-minute call)
  • Custom deck covering the topics you identified in the questionnaire
  • Live explanations and tutorials as needed
  • A portfolio and social media critique.

At this time, mentorships are not offered for photographers working primarily in Southwest Florida.


"I found my mentorship with Chasing Creative extremely helpful and beneficial for taking the next steps with my photography business. Sarah focused the sessions and content on what I wanted to work to improve. She gave me specific, practical tips on how to make small changes for big impact, and held me accountable to bettering my business. She generously shared all her knowledge. I am forever grateful, and would recommend a coaching session with Sarah to any growing photographer."
 - @laurenhargreavesphotography 

Just need to chat? Coaching calls are available for all experience levels. Whether you are considering perusing photography as a career, or you've been doing it for a while and just need some questions answered, these calls allow you to pick my brain about literally anything. Topics could include getting started, equipment, finding your style, best places to invest your money, social media strategy, marketing, etc.

Coaching calls include: One, in-depth questionnaire to be completed by you so I can come to your call prepared with examples and guidance, and one, 1hr 15min phone call. 

Coaching Calls




want some free stuff?

Here are a couple free resources that I've created to give your business a boost. 

Consistency Through Styling Course

Starry Sky Editing Tutorial

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Learn how styling drastically impacts your work and access my customizable style guide template.

Watch as I add stars to the night sky using Adobe Photoshop.