5 Summer Must Haves

For Your Camera Bag


Summer is h-o-t but especially here in Southwest Florida where the heat and humidity are usually accompanied by a storm. I thought I’d share a few items that I won’t do a photoshoot without! Whether you live in the South or up North where it’s not quite as hot, these items are worth investing in.

1. Camera Rain Cover

Like I said, storms. Lots of storms happen here and all over during summer. It’s almost guaranteed to rain during an evening session in SWFL so I always come prepared with this bad boy. I used to hold an umbrella in one hand and my camera in the other but that didn’t work out so well. This rain protector allows me to easily change my settings without ruining my camera. I also like to have it on my camera if I’m doing some pictures in the water when the waves are rough and there’s a chance i’ll be splashed.

2. Hand Held Fan

Not for me of course. I like to have this handy device for my sessions with expecting mothers. The heat can be especially hard on a 7-month pregnant woman but even more so when she’s wearing a long flowy dress with heavy fabric and walking half a mile on the beach to get to the perfect spot. Whip this thing out and you’re almost guaranteed to get a glowing review. It’s the little things that make all the difference.

3. Changing Tent

This is an item I use year-round but it’s especially handy in summer. Most public bathrooms at my locations don’t have air conditioning. No air conditioning in a public bathroom during summer in Florida (or anywhere) = pure stank. This pop up tent allows my clients to change without having to hold their breath. I’ve tried a few pop up tents. Trust me and get this one that you will actually be able to close.

4. Blot Cloths

A little shine can be nice, but not on your forehead. And if you’re like me, you start “glowing” as soon as you step outside. Your clients will too. Especially if you have to walk a little ways to get to your shooting spot. These oil blotting wipes soak up excess oil without messing up makeup.

5. Nail Polish Removing Wipes

Summer is the season for neon nail polish. I can’t tell you how many people show up for their session with bright nail polish on (even though it say not to in my style guide). It might be a fun look for a day on the beach but it can really kill the vibe you’re going for in an emotive portrait. And who is actually going to adjust the color of nail polish in photoshop… not me. Keep these nail polish wipes handy so you can easily clean up anyone’s nails before a session.

Those are my top five must haves for your camera bag this summer. If you have any go-tos you’d like to share, add them in the comments below!

Chasing Creative was founded by Sarah Wagner, a corporate marketing exec turned entrepreneur. When she’s not photographing families + couples on the beaches of Southwest, Florida, she’s teaching other photographers how to build their businesses and grow their photography skills. Learn more about mentorships and coaching call with Sarah HERE.

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