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Asheville, NC

Because most of my family sessions take place on the beach, I love when I get the opportunity to travel and shoot elsewhere. There is no better time to visit the Blue Ridge Mountains than fall. I envy those Asheville Family Photographers who get to shoot there year-round! With most of our beaches far from reopening because of hurricane damage, I took the opportunity to visit the area for some travel sessions.

I spent four hours online scouting to find the perfect spot for this session. When I stumbled upon this location, I knew it was the one. Located at the foot of beautiful mountains, the view looking up was epic. Of course, Murphy’s law had to literally rain on my parade. The weather was not good on the day of this session. In Asheville, NC where I’m told it only rains for a couple of hours, it rained non-stop all day. The beautiful mountain view was covered by a fog of moisture.

Normally I would have recommended that we reschedule the session but I was leaving town in less than 24 hours and it didn’t appear that the rain was going to let up. I gave my client a call to recommend that we go for it around 2 pm when (it appeared) that the rain would be lighter. She was on board to we headed toward the location.

I’ve never done an entire session in the rain, but there’s a first time for everything! The family was so positive about the situation and didn’t complain once. We all knew this wasn’t ideal but we were ready to roll with it and create some magic anyway. And that we did!





Sarah of Chasing Creative is a couple + family + maternity travel photographer based in Southwest, Florida. Areas in Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina are frequently visited for photoshoots similar to this one. Learn more about Chasing Creative or pricing for photoshoots here.

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