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Jacksonville, FL

There’s nothing quite like photographing someone “in their element.” Whether it’s a chef in the kitchen, a mechanic in his shop, or a family of surfers right on the beach–they get to really relax and be themselves. No “putting on” for the camera. This Jacksonville, Florida family did just that for their emotive family portraits.

We started with a more relaxed beach look. While these were things they would wear on a normal day, choosing colors intentionally (colors that would photograph well) and adding in accessories, really brought the look together. We ended the session with a few more formal items for the ladies, still staying within the color palette. Styling is crucial to creating the perfect vibe for your session. All clients get access to my client closet which is a collection of women’s dresses and men’s tees that photograph beautifully. Clients also use my styling platform to quickly and easily style their family!

The location for the photoshoot was also important for us to nail. Being on the East Coast, we knew we wouldn’t get a great view of the sun setting in the evening. And the big waves would have been a lot to deal with, so we opted for this spot on the bay instead. The weather on this day was a little wild. We actually hid under a dock for about 15 min. in the middle of the session while it poured. If you look closely, you can see the raindrops in a few images. Luckily this laid-back family wasn’t phased. I’m no stranger to shooting in the rain so neither was I!

Overall this session was such a treat. Travel sessions are so fun and I’m so glad I was able to work with this family while I was in the area. I am certainly not the only Jacksonville family photographer out there so I love knowing that my clients intentionally chose me even though I’m not in this area year-round. If you’re in the Jacksonville, Florida area or anywhere outside of Southwest, Florida, make sure to join my email list to get first dibs on travel sessions.







Sarah of Chasing Creative is a family + maternity travel photographer based in Southwest, Florida. Areas in North Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina are frequently visited for photoshoots similar to this one. Learn more about Chasing Creative or pricing for photoshoots here.

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